Bowenwork® is a system of touch that initiates a series of responses through stimulation of the nervous, musculoskeletal, fascial and energetic systems of the human body. The gentle moves send powerful neurological impulses to the brain. The brain processes the information and realigns the body.

After the moves are made, the body is left to rest for short periods of time to balance the autonomic nervous system and change in the musculoskeletal system to increase symmetry. These effects, in turn, remove blockages to the free flow of energy in the body to facilitate the body’s natural healing process.


  • 1 to 1.5 hours Bowenwork®


  • As a student of Bowenwork®, suggested donations of $40-$65 are greatly appreciated to cover cost of tuition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do before the session?
Wear comfortable loose cotton clothing and undergarments. No heating pads or ice packs. Avoid strenuous exercise, both on the day of and the day after Bowenwork. Avoid Yoga and Tai Chi on the same day.

What should I expect during session?
You will be fully clothed or in your undergarments with proper draping. You will relax on the table while the practitioner does specific moves on your body. The work is gentle on the client’s body. In line with Bowenwork’s overarching philosophy of “Less is best,” practitioners aim to provide only enough inputs to elicit the body’s healing response.

What should I do after the session?
Plan to rest and relax after the session. Drink lots of water (2-3 quarts per day) Avoid all other forms of bodywork: massage, acupuncture, energy work, magnets, etc. for 5-7 days. No heating pads or ice packs. Take a walk each day to help integrate the changes your body is undergoing.

How will I feel after the session?
Bowenwork is gentle on the body, effective and appropriate for anyone to receive, including newborns, highly trained athletes, pregnant women and the elderly. Each person responds differently to a Bowenwork session, according to his or her own body’s need and ability to heal. Return in about 7 days for a follow up session to stabilize the new patterns initiated by the first visit.

For more information, go to the American Bowen Academy site.